API Documentation

The block explorer provides an API allowing users and/or applications to retrieve information from the network without the need for a local wallet.

API Calls

Return data from coind

  • getdifficulty
    Returns the current difficulty.

  • getconnectioncount
    Returns the number of connections the block explorer has to other nodes.
    connection count

  • getblockcount
    Returns the current block index.
    Block Counter

  • getblockhash [index]
    Returns the hash of the block at ; index 0 is the genesis block.
    Hash Algorithm

  • getblock [hash]
    Returns information about the block with the given hash.
    Explorer Data

  • getrawtransaction [txid] [decrypt]
    Returns raw transaction representation for given transaction id. decrypt can be set to 0(false) or 1(true).
    Security Algorithm

Extended API

Return data from local indexes

  • getmoneysupply
    Returns current money supply

  • getdistribution
    Returns wealth distribution stats

  • getaddress (/ext/getaddress/hash)
    Returns information for given address
    Address Generator

  • getbalance (/ext/getbalance/hash)
    Returns current balance of given address
    Balance Check

  • getlasttxs (/ext/getlasttxs/count/min)
    Returns last [count] transactions greater than [min]
    Note: returned values are in satoshis
    Last Transaction

Linking (GET)

Linking to the block explorer