Welcome to the creative world
of Blockchain

Welcome to the creative world
of Blockchain.

Vulcoin is a blockchain-driven cryptocurrency designed specifically to reshape the financial landscape. Soon after its inception, it has managed to gain prominence from the crypto enthusiasts.

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Creative solutions to simplify

Creative Blockchain Solutions.
Cryptocurrencies can’t be printed out of the thin air, someone has to spend his valuable resources to inject more crypto coins into an ecosystem. Therefore, it is quite obvious cryptocurrency is a deflationary asset instead of an inflationary asset.
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Fresh perspective for better

Future of Blockchain.
The Vulcoin project was framed specifically to resolve the inefficiencies in all the previous cryptocurrencies and to meet the growing needs of an affiliate network.Vulcoin has all the attributes of a cryptocurrency but has competitive advantages over other crypto coins predominantly its value-added incentive to all its investors.
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Transparency and Professionalism.

Transparency and Professionalism.
The Vulcoin greatly emphasizes transparency and professionalism. Vulcoin harnesses the power of duplication in an Affiliate program to achieve unprecedented outcomes to make it an international project geared towards safety and sustainability.The Vulcoin is designed to incentivize its potential investors and users with value-added rewards
Vul Blockchain

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Vul Blockchain is powered by AI and ML with Secure Mechanism to develop Dapps on Top of Vul Blockchain. What are you waiting for Join the future of blockchain
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Vulcoin Blockchain
Vul Blockchain features.
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Decentralized Digital Coin!

Key Features / All Features

Open Source Blockchain Platform

Vulcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is completely open-source therefore, developers and contributors can actively contribute to the source code of it.

VulCoin timesheet
VulCoin timesheet - details
VulCoin timesheet - details
VulCoin timesheet - details
  • Blockchain-driven cryptocurrency.
  • Favorable for cross-border remittance
  • Security and Transparency

Furure of cryptocurrency

We value your investment at vul coin we offer secure storage of our assets

VulCoin reports
VulCoin reports - details
VulCoin reports - details
VulCoin reports - details
  • Affiliate program of Vulcoins
  • Encrypted Data Transmission
  • Android and IOS Friendly

Decentralized App Development

Now develop your applications.
on top of Vul blockchain!

VulCoin reports
VulCoin reports - details
VulCoin reports - details
VulCoin reports - details
  • Vulcoin Marketplace allows global trading in stocks and assets
  • VULCASSINO is a online crypto game to earn vul coins
  • Affilate Program to earn rewards. Now refer your friends to earn vulcoin

Plan your Investment

Go for Vulcoin!

VulCoin holidays
VulCoin holidays - details
VulCoin holidays - details
VulCoin holidays - details
  • Now invest in future of Blockchain
  • Open Source - No central regulatory authority
  • Vulcoin is completely anonymous and untraceable
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Now you can trade Vulcoin on Top cryptocurrency Exchanges!

VulCoin integration
VulCoin integration - details
You are going to love Vulcoin!

Hash Security

Dapp Development


Investor Friendly

Empowering Blockchain

Vul Blockchain Advantages:

“Vulcoin isn’t intended to be used only by traders who just want to trade their VLC currency. As it unleashes the potential of blockchain technology to run properly, it has all the benefits which you can expect in any other blockchain-driven cryptocurrency like security, anonymity, expedite transactions highly funds transfer and transparency”

“Besides extremely advantageous for a crypto enthusiast who wants to generate a regular stream of income via crypto coins, it can also be used as a medium of exchange at different crypto exchange platform.”

“Affiliate program of Vulcoins is extremely convincing as it allows retail investors to earn hefty returns from their investments using a system developed with the highest level of professionalism and security. This system ensures you’ll earn the maximum outcomes from your work.”

“The vulcoin project is compliant with international standards with the most secure options. The power of the Affiliate program of Vulcoin will certainly pave the way for the massive adoption of this digital coin globally.”

Vul Coin is developed via a quark algorithm with a 100% master node system thereby it allows peoples with entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the financial instrument and technologies can harness its potential to store and invest their money.”

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